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Today is January 1, 2013. How crazy does that sound? Hoping everyone had a great ending to 2012. I am very excited to start 2013 as there are 365 new pages to my life to create.

Day 1 of 365 started with getting some email and blog work done that has been overdue.

There was a great quote that was floating around Facebook yesterday:

Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page book. Write a good one. ~Brad Paisley

Wordless Wednesday & 2012 So Thankful Photo Challenge

Day 1 Nature of So thankful Photo Challenge

Day 1 Nature of “So thankful” Photo Challenge



Make sure you add your Wordless Wednesdays and 30 Day So Thankful Photo Challenge too! Use hashtag #sothankful

2012 “So Thankful” Photo Challenge

Today is the start of a fun way to show you being “thankful” for the things in your life!  It is the 2012 “So Thankful” Photo Challenge.  If you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #sothankful.    Each day has a different theme.  Today’s theme is nature.  What a great way to start the month off…it is going to be 80 degrees in the Washington DC area today!

#sothankful 2012 So thankful Photo Challenge

#sothankful 2012 So thankful Photo Challenge

Wordless Wednesday: Your Soul

Daily Truth Bomb #58 by Danielle LaPorte

Recently through Amber McCue, who I have known since August, introduced me to Danielle LaPorte.  Danielle recently released a book called The Firestarter Sessions.  Through  the release of the book many life coaches and bloggers have taken to the internet to create “virtual book clubs”.  Amber is hosting one and I jumped on it.  Now let me tell you I am not a huge reader by any means.  I love reading articles, blogs and things of the like. But sitting down to read a book- not so much. I am not sure why, but anyways I digress, I decided to jump into the Firestarter Sessions virtual book club!

Danielle’s book is awesome.  It is an easy read and very thought provoking.  I love it because it is reconfirming the things that I have been doing with Amber with business/life coaching. I love working with the other ladies in the book club on the chapters and having lively discussions via video.

You should definitely pick up a copy either via kindle or paperback.  I have mine on my ipad and try reading it whenever I get a chance.  This morning I got my “Daily TruthBomb”  from Danielle as I was sitting outside working on my iPad2, I love how the trees are reflecting on the screen! Such a wonderful day of 72 degrees!



Wordless Wednesday Bubbles Bubbles

This past weekend my Sister in Law Ashley of Momicles , her son/my nephew Atticus and my mom came to DC to visit me and also to get their dog, Lucy who was flying in from Seattle to move with Ashley, Atticus and my brother to NC.    I haven’t seen Atticus since the fall.  He is 23 months old and full of everything.  I had purchased some bubbles for the weekend, not realizing how much he would love them!

Bubbles Bubbles...Pop them Stomp them!

Motivation & the box of beads!

mo·ti·va·tion    [moh-tuh-vey-shuhn]  (from


1.the act or an instance of motivating,  or providing with a reason to act in a certain way: I don’t understand what her motivation was for quitting her job. Synonyms: motive,inspiration, inducement, cause, impetus.
2. the state or condition of being motivated: We know that these students have strong motivation to learn.
3. something that motivates;  inducement; incentive: Clearly,the company’s long-term motivation is profit.


courtesy of The Child Minding Shop UKI heard a great analogy today about a box of beads.  The box is full of beautiful and useful things but it is useless without the string.    The STRING is my motivation and it is lost this week.  I am going to go find it, but how does one find motivation?  I believe part of my “motivation” is with the folks I have been listening to and learning from recently.  From these folks I have set up an awesome alignment with three great “coaches” to help me with my motivation to move the mountains and even the ant hills I want to in my life to be my best true self. The thing is that you have to move from “listening” to doing & action.  I am stuck somewhere between listening and doing & action.  I have the “tape” playing in my head as to what to do, but my body seems to be paralyzed from moving forward with it.

I need my action plan to start moving forward and jump off the hamster wheel of  ”being stuck”  I will need to be accountable for and have progress with my items on the action plan. By doing this one develops the motivation and inspiration & desire to start moving forward with your action plan.  Everyone has an action plan-negative or positive. There is one.  I have been learning that these past few weeks. It is just a manner of pushing the “STOP” button on the repeating non movement actions that are preventing you from moving forward.

I invite you to join me in “stringing 3 beads of action” onto my string tomorrow.  What will your beads look like?

My beads will look like this:

  • my food log filled
  • water exercise class attended
  • some follow up emails for a project I am working on


Thank you for letting me share.


Blog Designs & Sale from Wacky Jacqui’s Designs

Are you looking for a new blog design or to start a blog?  I want to let you in on the person who is behind the design of Aunnyland, her name is Jacqui.  Jacqui is so awesome!  I found her on Facebook I believe sometime last summer. It took me till November 2011 to “hire” her to do my Aunnyland blog design.  I snagged a great “sale” she was having and took the plunge!

Jacqui is the owner of Wacky Jacqui Designs. What attracted me to Jacqui was her butterfly and the colors she used-they were so me!!!   If I could have stolen the butterfly design too I would have!

Jacqui was very patient with me as I sent her an email with like 50 blogs in it that had the ideas & visions of what I liked and didn’t like.  She captured the essence of the majority of them and produced my blog for me. I was so happy.

For my wallpaper and turtles I used Jessica of Jessica Weible Illustrations.  I will share more about her later in another post!

Jacqui is just plain awesome to sum it up!  I am so excited because I am pretty sure I am getting to meet her in a few weeks when I go to Las Vegas for my nanny conference.

She is hosting a sale right through the weekend on blog designs for WordPress and even has something for those with blogger blogs.   To learn more please visit her on her Etsy shop at  SALE Blogger Blog Design: The Total Make-Over With Tons of Extras

Make sure you tell her that Alice of AunnyLand sent you!  Please share with folks as they might in the market for an awesome deal on getting a blog set up & design for a very affordable price!

Wordless Wednesday Advice and Profit

This is so true on so many levels!  How are you profiting from the advice you have received?

Doesn’t have to be perfect

I have struggled with getting this blog off the ground. I have tons and tons of blog posts written in my mind. I just don’t apply it to the keyboard…quite silly actually.  I have so many notes, lists, post its and notebook entries of reviews I want to do, words I want to share, quotes and even just stories but I have had a “roadblock” against doing it.   Well not anymore and I learned tonight “IT DOESN’T”T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!”

Tonight I attended a conference call lead by PlanBe Coaching, Coach Cledra.  I met Cledra two weekends ago at the Get Radical Women’s Conference and something just resonated with me when I spoke with her.  Coach Cledra is hosting a course on “Getting UnSTUCK” and wow do I ever feel stuck in so many aspects of my life.   That is why this blog came about actually…to help me get out of the “stickiness” and into the next level of my life.

On tonight’s call, Coach Cledra asked us “What are you committed to do as a result of spending your life minutes on this call?”   Wow, this question seems loaded to me.  It really shouldn’t be loaded feeling.

This is my commitment that is being put out there in the “Internet Universe” :  I will commit to working on my food log till I met with my nutritionist on Monday.  I will commit to work on my “events/tsunamis” that have happened in my life-so that I can break the cycle of them.

Thank Coach Cledra for an awesome call and I look forward to part 2!

Wordless Wednesday or Rather Words for Wednesday

This is my 20 month old nephew Atticus looking for me on Skype.  He calls me “Aunny” I am totally in love with him! I can’t wait to see him again soon!